Truffle Turism

A truffle lover cannot live a more exciting experience. A truffle hunter together with a truffle dog will lead the tourists through the wood looking for the refined hypogeous fungus. Truffle hunter is guided only by dog smell and intuition achieved through experience.

At the beginning truffle will be generally explained, i.e. several typologies, truffle hunting, dog training methods and several in force regulations.

Afterwards we will enter the wood, where we’ll find a fortune, if we’re lucky. We have different kinds of places for our search, some are more challenging for people loving trekking and have suitable equipment, while other are easier for kids and elderly people so that everyone can enjoy such wonderful adventure!

Truffle hunting can take place even in the evening, if requested, as it’s allowed in Piedmont: “Truffle charme is based on its search. In the night, in the wood, secretly, truffle hunters pass through the night mist with their dogs ahead, looking for  reference points through the trees searching that plant which guaranteed a lucky collection the previous year. Practice and information about favourable places are often verbally passed on from generation to generation or rather noted on diaries which must not absolutely be spread”.

Here you can find some useful details and information about our guided tours:

  • Duration: 2 hours.
  • Timetable:00 am, 2.00 pm, after 10.00 pm
  • Clothing: trekking shoes or boots, sport clothing or suitable for short country trip and K-way in case of rain.
  • Details:guided tour and direct experience of truffle hunting together with the truffle dog during the accurate hunting, always together with truffle hunter. Lapdogs are not allowed during such tour in order not to distract our dogs during hunting.
  • Snack or lunch:if you like, you could ask to combine the tour with a typical “Truffle hunter snack”, including typical local food and wines. You can choose to have it either in the wood or in a nice villa with swimming pool surrounded by the green hills.
  • Costs:basic cost for truffle hunting up to 2 persons 100 Euro / Each additional person 20 Euro / For groups price will be agreed / Interpreter Euro 80 / Kids up to 10 years free

In case of numerous groups over 15 people, we suggest to split into two groups.